3D Mobile Screen Magnifier

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More and more people are using smartphones to watch videos or movies, but watching a small screen for a long time becomes very uncomfortable and can even damage eyesight.

If the children in the family often use mobile phones, but they hate looking at the small screen to see, then our screen amplifier is very suitable for you or as a gift for family and friends.

Why buy the ShopAble™ 12 inch screen amplifier?
-Protects eyes from fatigue and myopia.
- Widely compatible with all smartphones.
-No need for a battery, energy, and environmental efficiency.
- Wider viewing angle than a flat screen, more comfortable to watch.
Foldable, lightweight, and compact design, convenient transportation.
- Gift for children and the elderly, a good choice for holiday gifts.
-The phone's 12 "3D HD curved screen gives you the most distinctive visual enjoyment.
-Adjustable focal length phone screen magnifier fully fits most mobile phones.
-If the length and height are not Enough, can be adjusted with the phone holder to see the most realistic screen effect.

1. The best distance to view the video is 20-60 inches.
2. This 3D curved screen magnifier is recommended for use in a low light environment, and the viewing effect will be more obvious and outstanding.
3. It is not recommended to use it in a backlight and reflective environment. Due to sufficient light, it will cause refraction,
causing slight confusion, blurring the image, and even feeling dizzy
4. The brightness of the mobile phone screen is more brilliant and better.


  • ⮚[HD HD Screen Amplifier] - HD vision, eye protection against blue radiation, no power. Relieves discomfort and eyestrain caused by prolonged focus on the small screen.
  • ⮚[Folding And Portable Design] - Folding design, lightweight and compact, small volume, convenient carrying, suitable for indoor, office, desktop, travel, journey, etc.
  • ⮚[Best Choice of Holiday Gifts] - Simple and elegant design that makes this product your best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones. We are convinced that you will love your new phone screen magnifier, however if you are not completely satisfied we will give you a full refund.


  • Brand : ShopAble™

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