Car Bluetooth Adapter 3.5 mm Jack

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Description :

With this device, you can make any speaker including your car home or even your computer speakers wireless. It will enable you to play music directly from your phone to your speakers with high quality sound through Bluetooth. You do not have to throw away your old speakers just invest in this adapter and your old speakers will be Bluetooth compatible.

Make any speaker play wireless music Instructions for use: Insert the receiver into the speaker's USB interface; and the other end connected with the 3.5mm audio cable to the receiver and the LINE-IN interface of speakers Open the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone after the pairing is successful; the led light will slow down Then you can select the music via Bluetooth from a cell phone or computer; a great music will play from speaker.

Note: This device is powered by USB. You can put this device directly into a USB wall socket for it to work or any other USB port.

Features: Let ordinary speakers instantly become wireless Bluetooth stereo audio music speakers. It can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled device such as mobile phone, laptops speaker, and Bluetooth audio transmitter.



  • Enjoy wireless music anytime; say goodbye to wired device worry less about wires and stream your audio entertainment from your Bluetooth-enabled device with perfect sound quality.
  • Wirelessly streams audio from your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer to your wired stereo, speakers, or headphones.
  • Connects in transmitter mode with most branded speakers and headphones. To put headphones in pairing, kindly long press the on/off switch and keep it pressed even after switched on for 6-7 seconds more, and releases the switch once pairing light glows fast on your headphones.
  • 2 in1 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver with USB interface.
  • Easy to use and turn on.Low distortion signal. Good transient response.



  • Brand : ShopAble™

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