Digital Finger Tasbeeh Misbaha Counter for Prayer

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Digital Electronic Tasbih Finger Tally Counter Multi Color with four different colors offered. * Prayer beads are used by many individuals of various faiths and beliefs. They are used in large religions that include Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. * This Tasbeeh counter is used for dhikr or zikr, which is the remembrance of Allah (SWT). Short dua and prayers are recited repeatedly to remember Allah (SWT). * Using this digital counter will help you in your daily life and impact many aspects of your daily life that you would not otherwise think of. You will use it every day to help you focus on what is most importance and give thanks to all that you do have. * Just like traditional beads in a string format, this digital Tasbeeh Counter becomes your personal and beloved item. * It is very well designed and offers LCD statistical reading of your count. It automatically powers off and the counter can very easily be cleared to zero. * It is light weight and beautiful to hold and can make for the perfect gift for your loved ones during any stressful time, Ramadan, or on any special day! It is incredibly easy to use and will be great for you, your mother, your friend, or any other cherished one. With each purchase, you will receive one brand new, genuinely packaged, digital tasbeeh counter of your choice! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

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