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i11 TWS vs AirPods: identical design
The i11 TWS Bluetooth earphones adopt almost the same design as the AirPods. And they have the same charging case. The only small difference is that the charging case of the i11 TWS earphones is slightly taller than that of AirPods. At the bottom, both the charging cases offer a lightning charging port. In addition, there is a power button on the front of the both charging cases. When press the power button on the charging case, the LED light of the i11 TWS will turn on, while we cannot see the LED light on the charging case of the AirPods.   
i11 TWS vs Apple AirPods 
i11 TWS vs AirPods: specs comparison

Product name

i11 TWS headphone


Processing chip



Battery capacity with charging case



Music playback time

1.5 - 2.5 hours

2 hours

Talk time

3 hours

3 hours

Product weight



Touch control



Waterproof rate

IPX5 waterproof


Compatible devices

Both Android and iOS devices

Only iOS devices

When opening the charging case, we can see a an LED charging indicator in the form of a single dot on the top of the charging base of the AirPods, while it doesn’t exist on the i11 TWS.
i11 TWS vs Apple AirPods 
In addition, both the i11 TWS and AirPods adopt the magnetic design so that they will not easily fall out of the charging case.
Taking out of the earphones from the charging case, you will find that there is a slight difference in design but not too much difference.
i11 TWS vs Apple AirPods 
i11 TWS vs AirPods: touch control features
Both the earbuds come with the touch control features, with allows users to easily control the earphones via a simple tap, for example play or pause the music, switch to the next song, wake up voice assistant, etc.
i11 TWS vs Apple AirPods 
i11 TWS vs AirPods: sound quality
Sound quality is another key factor that we must consider when choosing earphones. The new AirPods are equipped with the advanced H1 chip, which will offer faster connection speed, lower latency and better audio performance.
While we don’t know what exactly chip the i11 TWS adopt, as it didn’t appear in the specs table. Although the i11 TWS earphones also offer decent sound quality, but it still cannot compete with the AirPods.
i11 TWS vs Apple AirPods​ 
i11 TWS vs AirPods: battery
As for the battery life, the i11 TWS can offer 1.5 - 2.5 hours for music playback and 3 hours talk time. In addition, its charging case has a 400mAh battery, which can charge for the earbuds for 4 times. Therefore, coupled with the charging case, the i11 TWS earphones can offer up to 12 hours working time.
While the AirPods can offer 2 hours music playback time and 3 hours talk time. Coupled with the charging case, it can offer up to 18 hours talk time. And it only needs 15 minutes charging time to offer you 3 hours of listening time or 2 hours of talking time.
Therefore, the AirPods will offer you longer battery life than i11 TWS when they are used together with the charging case.
i11 TWS vs AirPods: price and verdict
The AirPods with the normal charging case is priced at INR 13,000, while the i11 TWS Bluetooth headphone is priced under INR 799 on Gearbest now. That’s a big price difference. If you don’t want to spend lots of money on the Bluetooth earphones and just want to enjoy the normal sound and the wireless using experience, the i11 TWS is a good choice for you. Moreover, the i11 TWS will offer you IPX5 waterproof and it can work with both the iOS and Android devices.
However, if you care too much about the sound quality, you can consider about the AirPods only if you are willing to pay for it at a much higher price tag.
But whichever you choose, it will be a good deal for you.   

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