USB Flame-less Cigarette Lighter

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"Bid adieu to your lighter and get an LED candle instead. The combined design of the Gadget Deals USB Lighter Flame-less/ Windproof is sure to leave you impressed.

Made from plastic, USB cigarette lighter is one of a kind electronic lighter is a must have for your need. The built of the lighter is pretty strong so you can use it for a long time. It features a flame-less windproof light for your lighting needs.

No longer do you have to face the problem of forgetting your lighter at home. This is a cigarette lighter and USB, it has an USB port which can be used to charge the lighter. It has a long battery life as well so you don't have to worry about charging it again and again.

Design and Looks Being windproof, it makes the USB Lighter Flame-less/ Windproof very efficient. You can even use it in a storm. Also, the lighter uses no gas making it extremely safe for you and people around you.

Note : Just after lighting the cigarette, please keep the cigarette away from the lighter, so that the burning cigarette does not damage the lighter

Packet Include : 1 X USB lighter Powered by a rechargeable battery."


  • Rechargeable USB Smart Electronic Cigarette Lighter
  • Easy to carry, pocket size, lighter
  • Flame-less and Environment Friendly
  • Can be used while heavy wind blowing
  • Carry everywhere even in restricted area such as office etc where use of normal cigarette lighter is restricted


  • Brand : ShopAble™
  • Color : Color

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