Handheld Stabilizer Face & Object Tracking Motion

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Ergonomic Structure Design Shock Resistance & Functionality, Easy Panoramic Shooting, Face & Object Recognition function, Pan, Tilt & Lock Function Intelligent following function. The gimbal will automatically follow the target shooting, emotionally capture the motion picture, always keep the picture stable and smooth. Time-lapse video function. This mode will compress the time and give you a fleeting experience. Smooth zoom function. Achieve sliding zoom lens shot, through the space compression to bring great visual impact. The Digitek DSG 005 moves automatically to capture multiple photos then stitches them together to create a seamless image, you can also set your smartphone to Landscape or Portrait mode, giving you ideal options for every picture. Please charge the gimbal fully before putting into use to get maximum play time. The Smartphone must be properly balanced on the gimbal before putting ON the switch. The instructions for Balancing the Smartphone has been given in the Manual inside the pack.Depending on the balancing, the gimbal could last from anything between 15 minutes to 5 hours. If balanced well and if the battery is fully charged, it will last anywhere between 10-12 hours.

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